You have been contracted to drive a forklift in a warehouse. Play through 12 levels allocating all the pallets following the colors. 

Be carefull with the pallets and the time to pass each level!

How to play

Left/Right - Move the forklift 

Up/Down - Move the fork up and down 

x - Pickup/Release pallet 

z - Rotate the forklift to look at the rack

NOTE: A white square appears when you can pickup a pallet

Training Mode

I've added a new game mode to give users infinite time to train in all levels. To activate/deactivate it you have to press ENTER any time in the game and select "TRAINING ON/OFF". 

If you activate/deactivate it your progress will be reset to level 1 and in training mode you cannot see the full end of the game.


This is my first game made with Pico-8 and it was made in two weeks when I had free time. 

After years developing games this is one of my fovourites because it remember me the classics.

I hope you enjoy it as I've enjoyed developing it.


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